Centre for Consumer Protection Law and Policy

A division of NUALS, Kochi


Protection of Consumer’s right not only promotes the interests of business but also of the state as well. To give boost to the efforts of the Government in the area of consumer protection and consumer welfare, a centre exclusively dedicated to consumer protection law and policy was created at NUALS. It is the realisation that a vibrant and economically superior India depends on a ‘rights-aware’ consumer that has resulted in the creation of the Centre for Consumer Protection Law and Policy (CCPLaP); especially in the wake of lack of sufficient number of research centres in this area. The Centre is established to develop research and educational programs in the areas of law governing and relating to consumer rights. The Centre, it is sincerely expected, would be unique and would serve as a path breaker not just on account of the multitude and variety of its activities, but also owing to its objectives and methodology. Read More

Centre for Consumer Protection Law And Policy, The National University of Advanced Legal Studies
Email: ccplap@nuals.ac.in

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